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Nantong is among the safest cities to live in China. However, you should be careful during your stay in Nantong.

Above all, take care of your passport and properties. Do not carry your passport and large sum of money with you. Put your valuable things in rooms and lock them. Cut off electricity and water; close the door and windows before leaving.

Obey the traffic rules.

When problems arise, do call the police station and report to School of International Cooperation (0513-81050197; 0513-81050021). We teachers will try our best to help you out.

Alarming Telephone Number:

Robbery: 110

Fire: 119 

Traffic accident: 122 

First Aid: 120/110


Chinese Holiday

International students share the same holidays with Chinese students. We do not spend holidays of other countries.

During Holland Students’ stay here in 2011, the major holidays are as follows:

12th September    Mid-Autumn Day    one day

1st October       National Day        three days

23-25 December   Christmas Day       three days

1st January        New Year’s Day



There is a canteen building next to the international students’ apartment building, serving Chinese food. Please go there for meals in time

There is a kitchen with some tools in the apartment. You may cook by yourselves.


Extracurricular Activities

  The School of International Cooperation will organize various kinds of activities in your spare time. The student union each department will also organize activities. Pay close attention to the notes and welcome to take part.

  You can use any playground, gymnasium on the campus. Sometimes you have to pay the fees. Make sure not to disturb others and cherish the public facilities.

  International students can join in the activities organized by students’ clubs in the university.

  Friendly exchanges are encouraged between international students and Chinese students.


How to Get to NTVTC

1.      From Pudong Airport in Shanghai to Nantong;

Take a bus from Shanghai, and you can arrive in Nantong in 3 hours.

2.      From Nantong Bus Station to NTVTC;

Take NO.18 bus on the opposite side of the station, you can reach NTVTC

3.      From Nantong airport to NTVTC by taxi.


How to Exchange and Deposit Money

Exchange money: exchange Chinese RMB in Bank of China, using foreign currency and or traveling check. You can also exchange Chinese RMB in some grand hotels like Nantong Grand Hotel, Youfei Hotel and Wenfeng Hotel.


Open an Account and Deposit Money

International students can open Chinese RMB or foreign currency accounts at Banks of China with his/her own passport. The service is also available in other banks. Other banks near NTVTC are Bank of Industry and Commerce, Bank of Construction, Bank of Agriculture and so on.


How to See a Doctor

You may go to the clinic in NTVTC, or you can go to big hospitals in the city.

There are the Affiliated Hospital to Nantong University, Nantong No.1 People’s Hospital and Nantong No.3 People’s Hospital with green channels for foreigners in these hospitals. You can enjoy convenient and immediate service with your passport.

International students can enter for medical care insurance. The insurance contents are enforced according to the details of the damage claims of the insurance company.

The telephone number of First Aid Center is 120 or 110.


Telephone Numbers of the Major Hospitals in Nantong City

The Affiliated Hospital to Nantong University

Address:   20 Xisi Road, Nantong City

Telephone:       0513-5052222 5052504


Nantong Rich Hospital:

Address:    2000 Xinghu Road, Nantong Economic and Technological Developmental Zone

Telephone:       0513-5969666


Nantong NO.1 People’s Hospital:

Address:   6 North Haierxiang Road, Nantong City

Telephone:       0513-5129000


Nantong NO.3 People’s Hospital:

Address:   63 Middle Qingnian Road, Nantong City

Telephone:       0513-5116076



Registration and Study for International Students

1. Registration

(1)     International students enrolled at Nantong Textile Vocational Technology College (NTVTC) should report and register at the stated time with the Admission Letter, Form JW202 and passport at School of International Cooperation of NTVTC. Those who cannot register on time should ask for leave from School of International Cooperation of NTVTC by fax 86-513-81050021. Failure to ask for leave and failure to register within 2 weeks will result in cancellation of admission and student status.

(2)     Take passport, Admission Notice, Form JW202 and, Health Certificate and fill out Form for International Students in NTVTC upon registration. Ten 2-inch photos are needed.

(3)     International students are expected to pay off fee as required at the stated time by cash (Chinese RMB or EuD. Travel check are not acceptable) or by remittance. For those who put off the registration should pay the above the fee within 1 month upon the beginning of the term. Otherwise, 5 percent of the fee should be paid for the delay.

2. Attendance

(1)     All the international students should observe school rules. They should not be late for school or absent from classes while they are in session.

(2)     In case of illness or business, international students should ask for leave if they cannot attend classes. One may get leave permission from the instructors, provided his/her leave is limited to 2 days or less. If it is longer than 2 days, the student should obtain approval from the responsible teacher of School International Cooperation. Otherwise, he/she will be considered being absent from class.

(3)     If a student is late for class for more than 20 minutes twice, it will be regarded as being absent from class once. If a student is absent from class for more than one fourth of the total class hours in one week, he/she will be given a warning. If the student is again absent from class for more than one fourth in the following week, the school will not go through residence prolongation formality. If necessary, he/she will be asked to return to his/her home country within limited time.

3. Examinations

All international students are required to take course examinations. If a student cannot take an examination for an acceptable, pre-approved reason, he/she may apply to take it at a later time. If a student fails an examination, he/she may apply for a make-up exam and pay the fee as required.

4. Awards and Penalties

(1)     The school will select excellent students once a semester. Those who observe the school regulations, respect the teachers and students, actively take part in all school activities, complete 90% of the assignment and attend 90% of all the classes, will be awarded certificates of merit and prizes.

(2)     International students should not engage in excessive drinking, gang fighting, damaging public property, or any other harmful behaviors. Behaviors of this kind will first result in a warning or probation. In serious cases, students will be withdrawn from classes. Those who violate Chinese laws and have committed crimes will be investigated and prosecuted according to Chinese law.

5. Completion of Studies and Graduation

International students who have completed their course work, passed all the examinations will be granted certificates.



Rules and Regulations for International Students


1.     Study diligently and fulfill all course requirements;

2.     Observe university rules and regulations;

3.     Respect faculty and staff;

4.     Promote respect and friendship among students;

5.     Observe public sanitation standards;

6.     Abide by all Chinese laws and regulations;

7.     Respect Chinese culture and customs;

8.     Maintain and promote friendship among different peoples.


Rules and Regulations for Accommodation and Activities

1. Cost on the rent is 800EuD and that on bedroom articles is 500yuanRMB. Upon moving in, students should pay 100 RMB as deposit for the room facilities. The total deposit will be returned if the facilities are in the due condition when the students move out. They are not allowed to exchange rooms without permission.

2. Pay off 800EuD on the rent and 500yuanRMB on the bedroom articles at the beginning of the semester. The rent can be paid in EuD or Chinese RMB (using current exchanging rate between USD and Chinese RMB). Bedroom articles and deposit be paid in RMB

3.        The international students should not add lock on the door. Otherwise, the lock will be dismantled. The students should care for their valuable items; close the door and windows before leaving.

4.        Visitors should register in School of International Cooperation Office. They have to leave before 23:00. International students are not permitted to have overnight guests. In special cases, students may get the permission from the School of International Cooperation and fill out a guest registration card. Violation of this rule will be investigated and punished in accordance with relevant regulations on foreigners of Nantong public Bureau.

5.        Students are expected to be back to their rooms by curfew (23:00 from Sunday to Thursday, 24:00 for Friday and Saturday). Those who do not respect this curfew will be noted, and will get corresponding punishments.

6.        Those who are away from Nantong urban area for more than 24 hours shall report to School of International Cooperation of NTVTC, and shall go through the due formalities as required by the Public Security Bureau.

7.        The dormitory should be kept quiet. No loud TVs or radios will be tolerated. Smoking and excessive drinking is not allowed.

8.        No large electrical appliances over 500W, kerosene lamps, alcohol heaters, electric bottles and so on are allowed in the rooms. It is also forbidden to extend electric wires or to add plugs and sockets to the rooms.

9.        The dormitory should be kept clean and tidy. No bicycles should be parked in the dormitory. Rubbish should not be thrown out of the rooms. No animals are permitted in the dormitory. Sanitation examination shall be enforced periodically.

10.    There is a telephone in each room. If the international students buy telephone cards, they may call home and abroad according to the instructions on the cards.

11.    Each student has a washing machine in his/her own room. He/she has to do cleaning and washing by himself/herself. School of International Cooperation will offer help with any student who needs help with cleaning and washing. However, it shall be charged.

12.    There is a canteen beside the apartment building, providing Chinese food. If special taste is needed, please ask School of International Cooperation for help.

13.    Save electricity and water.

14.    If a student’s room facilities need to be repaired, he/she should contact Hilda (81050197; 13646247420). Please call Alice (13862952591) or Simon (13861904126) for help at night.

15.    In case of emergency, call the following numbers: Fire Alarm: 119; Theft/robbery Alarm: 110; Red Cross for First Aid: 120. 


Entry, Residence and Travel Formalities for International Students

1.          In order to enter, reside and travel in China, international students must follow the procedures and pay the charges outlined in the “Laws of the People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens”.

2.          International students should register at Nantong Textile Vocational Technology College within 24 hours of their arrival.

3.          International students should apply for a residence permit within 20 days of their arrival in China. School of International Coperation will assist the students in this application process. Students should submit their passports, Physical Examination Records and photos to the International Students’ Office immediately upon their arrival at the university. Failure to apply for the residence permit within the specified time limit (30days of their arrival) will result in penalties.

4.          International students should be aware of the expiration date of their passports and residence permit at all times. Students must have their passports renewed at their own embassies or consulates general in China at least one month prior to expiration. The International Students’ Office can aid students in the renewal or alteration of their residence permit. Students should submit their new passports to the International Students’ Office at least a week prior to their expiration. And students shall bear the cost. Failure to do so will result in penalties.

5.          International students are responsible for their passports and residence permit. If a student loses his/her passport, he/she should immediately report it to the Public Security Bureau. A certificate from the Public Security Bureau will allow the student to apply for a new passport from his/her embassy or consulate general in China. The student must also put a lost property notice in the Nantong Daily Newspaper declaring it invalid. After this, the student may apply for a new one at the Nantong Security Bureau.

6.          When an international student wishes to travel to an area not open to foreigners, he/she must obtain permission from the university and the appropriate authorities. Only with official approval and a certificate from the university may the student obtain a travel permit from the Public Security Bureau.

7.          If an international student wishes to return to his/her home country or visit other countries, including Hong Kong or Macao, the student must fill out the appropriate application form in the International Students’ Office one week earlier. If within the expiration date of the residence permit, the student need not go through reentry formality. Students should leave China within the period specified on their residence permit. Otherwise they cannot leave China.

8.          The students should not alter or damage the visas and certificates. Violations will result in punishment according to Chinese Law.

9.          The students must carry their own passports when go out.

10.      The students should register at the local Security Bureau within 24 hours if they live outside the school apartment building.

11.      During study period, the international students must not take social work for payment outside the school.

12.      The students who stop study before they finish all the courses should submit their passports to the International Students’ Office for visa alteration and pay the fees.

13.      The above visa formalities should be enforced according to the rules of the Public Security Bureau.


Nantong Textile Vocational Technology College Apartment




Some important places with Chinese address in Nantong


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